Let us be your choice for excellence.

Our Products


A vertical lifting device, incorporates in permanent magnet synchronous technology, contributing to a compact structure of traction machine, in addition of VVVF serial control technology, providing a smooth operating curve as well as low-noise operation.


With JFUJI’s professional and efficient drive unit, a moving staircase manage to convey people between floors in public spaces with lustrous handrail, exhibits a modern sense yet assuring the safety of people.


The travelator, branded by advanced orientation and exquisite appearance, providing a comfortable environment with charismatic nature and luxurious style of modern architecture.


Conveying food and dishes from floor to floor, a small freight elevator, widely used in hotels and restaurants. JFUJI’s dumbwaiter developed a variety of complete specification with stability functioning and sophisticated manufacturing.

Who We Are

JFUJI (M) Sdn Bhd, a joint-venture company between the local investors and Homefriend & Fuji Elevator, which chosen as the exclusive distributor in Malaysia specializing on design, installation, maintenance and modernization of elevators, escalators, moving walkways and dumbwaiters. We offer end to end customization solutions and services based on clients’ needs in compliance to the requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Safety First

Safety always come in the uppermost priority in JFUJI. We take employees and clients’ safety as our primacy.

Innovative Technology

We continuing to discover the inventive technology and accessible to new concepts, by enhancing the performance of elevators, which benefits to people.

Exquisite Quality

We target to be excellence in product’s quality, by delivering the lavish and comfy surroundings to our client.

Customized Design

We provide design customization with expert resolutions based on the building’s condition and client’s requirement.

Intelligent Effective System

JFUJI’s elevator able to response efficiently during power failure or crisis condition, protecting the passenger’s safety.

Elite Professional Team

We inspire imaginative and courageous principles in the team and deliver expert assistance when come to elevators’ customization.

Our Services


Our team offer customization and design solutions based on customer’s need with years of industry experience. From design to planning before come to installation, our team will deliver the best solutions to our customer in term of safety and productivity.


By idealising elevator setting up solutions, we install efficient, safe, and reliable elevators.


Scrutinize every site in detail cautiously and document every specifics of the site to ensure safety of all equipment for use.


By reviewing the current elevator maintenance proposal and existing service agreements while cross-referencing them with the elevator equipment’s present condition and performance.


We source a variety range of elevators and escalators and relevant components to convenient our customer.


By promising your elevator function in perfect condition at all times.


By upgrading the elevators to improve the elevators’ span, continually functional, safety, accessibility, eco-efficiency and their appearance. We change the vital parts and the components of the elevators to ensure the safety of our customer.


We offer delivering of the products, in term of elevators or the relevant components, and ensure the delivering process are safe and send in efficient way to the site within the time required.


We examine thoroughly on every parts of elevator after installed and assure the elevator operates well. Providing assurance on the elevator installed in a prescribed manner and function within the performance guideline in Design Intent Documents (DID).